Shadow tantra session with Lisa

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Feel my
hands on your body. Easing the tension out of your tired and stressed muscles. You begin to relax and then feel the ropes slithering across your body. In a couple of minutes you are bound tight to the massage table. No going back now, no retreat. You are in my power.
Confess! And a hand tightly gripping your balls. No answer? Not good enough. Sharp sting on your left buttock. Lisa needs to know the thoughts that you are most ashamed of.
Common defects;
Thinking about penises
Wanting to take one in your mouth
Wanting be a slave and a sub
Needing anal penetration
Needing to be used anally and orally

You will feel your arousal growing. A glow of desire starting in your groin and spreading through all your body. My fingers touch and probe and tease. Your engorged fresh responds. But the pleasure is periodically intro by sharp pain from my slaps. Dull ache when i tie a cord around your balls. Prickly moving sensation from the pinwheel. Stinging hurt from my riding crop across your bare ass cheeks
Your swollen member is feeling ready to explode because the cord tied around your genitals keeps the blood in and gives you a steel erection. I pinch and tease the head.
I loosen your bonds do that you can turn over on the table. Your penis springs free and points to the ceiling. As I tie you down again you feel terribly vulnerable. Your most precious possession is at my mercy,
I slap your bells, which is painful because they are bound and exposed. Then you feel a soft wet touch on the head of your cock as I tease it with my mouth, your erection swells even more. painful because the cords restrict your swollen shaft
I lift my head and then you feel a burning sensation on your testicles and smell smoke and burning. “Hot wax “ I whisper in your ear. Molten drips of heat fall on the ultra sensitive head of your penis. The mixture of pleasure and pain is indescribable.
I kiss your lips.

I use masks a lot for shadow tantra. A mask obscures your personality. The word ecstasy means losing your personality Ekstasis means “standing outside oneself.”  That is my goal, to make you lose your sense of self. And think only about when the next stroke of the cane will arrive on your aching flesh.

Bed of nails. Spreading your weight evenly over a layer of spikes is actually quite enjoyable. We use a metal grille that has raised projections. This is placed on the massage table and then you are tied firmly on top of it. It will leave marks but not break the skin as it holds you in its hard embrace.