Lingam massage: Shadow Tantra. The dark side of tantric massage.

Explore your dark side, Dark tantric massage with Lisa in Cheltenham 07511 440783

Using tantric techniques Lisa will forge a connection with you. But she knows you want to submit to her. She will use her intimate touch and her tools to unlock your dark desires….

Bound to the table, you will be at her mercy

Your flesh will tremble at her touch. The powerful connection will make you flinch. Pleasure and pain are intimately connected and she will run through every kind of hurt and ecstasy.

Bound to please

Restriction of movement is the solution to the stress of everyday life. Mistress Lisa takes your freedom of choice away from you. Relieving you of the burden.Your only thoughts will be what emotion or sensation will come next..

Pain is pleasure. Pleasure is pain.

You are obviously guilty of many things because you sought her out. And Lisa understands your instinctive need to submit. She know that punishment will absolve the guilt you feel. She will whisper in your ear “Everything is alright,” and you will feel so much better. Then the real pain begins.

Lisa is on 07511 440783.  Shadow tantra sessions start from one hour at £150.