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Newly Single Guys (and girls or trans too)

  • Have you just split up with your wife or partner?
  • Do you feel lost or depressed?
  • Do you really really need a hug?
  • Would you like someone who can help you get back on your feet?
  • Improve your self confidence and self esteem?

Lisa has been seeing lonely and/or undervalued men for massage, relationship advice and hugs for quite a few years. A lot of her work is about using love to put the sparkle back in your eye and a spring back into your step.

Come and see her and you will enter a welcoming and calm environment where she listens to your cares and complaints. She will normally ask you to shed your clothes to cast off the problems you came in with. Then some massage, lots of hugs and kissing, sexual release if you need it. She does not believe in separating sex from other deep feelings and emotions, it is very natural. If you want to have sex to make you feel better then we provide it, protected of course. If you are female or trans or just shy then nudity is not essential, whatever you are comfortable with.

About us: Lisa is a mature trans woman, very feminine but of course can understand the male point of view. She is a very sensuous and sexual person. She enjoys giving massage and enjoys having sex. Although often the hugging and intimacy is the best bit of any session and striving too hard for orgasm can spoil the fun.

Contact us: She works from a small house in Cheltenham Lisa is on 07511 440783 Email is

Prices: to see Lisa starts at £90 for an hour although she does not clockwatch. We would recommend a two hour session at £170 initially where we can start with a nice relaxed chat, then move onto massage. Perhaps have a sexual session, then have something to eat or drink followed by more sensual delights. Lots and lots of hugs and kisses, maybe some personal grooming if you need it. Discussion of what went wrong and finding out how you can move foward.